Hello everyone! New customers ask me all the time about the process of creating a visual. What are the project stages? What comprises the cost? What’s the customer’s role in the process?
Let’s run through these concerns.  

     1. First, we get a brief proposal on the graphics required. A brief is a project summary including objectives, a target audience and deadlines. You can email it, skype us or come to our office to explain the details.  
     Based on the brief, we estimate the costs and deadlines, weigh up the options, discuss the examples and reference samples and suggest a storyboard.
Constructive feedback is very important here and it helps to get all of the above in one-two business days.  

     2. After the budget is confirmed and the project is launched, we, together with the customer, make a working script. As a rule, it is based on a voice-over text, split into logical time-stamped and illustrated (storyboard) blocks. The customer edits the script, and we start working.  

     3. The next stage is the main one. All processes go hand in hand. Artists and animators create 3D graphics. Designers ‘pack’ the visual with captions, logos and infographics. A sound designer records voice-over and localisation actors and chooses the background music.
     At this stage, we always share the whole progress with the customer to consider their wishes and make adjustments in a timely manner. In the end, we develop master video which is then reviewed and edited by the customer.  

     4. During the last stage, we make all necessary amendments and produce a master video. After the finished project is approved, we prepare all required formats of the visual/graphics and deliver it to the customer. All that said, the projects are always backed up and stored by the Studio. So, we can easily revive any project even after some time has passed, like maybe even after a year, and edit it, to renew the contact details or a logo, for example.